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Martin martin at ml1.co.uk
Mon Nov 22 20:16:58 GMT 2004


Time flies and there's much new stuff to try. There's Christmas soon 
also (:-))

We're nearly off the end of out events calender. So this a Call For 

What do people want next?
And at what level (beginner, noobie, user, expert, hack)?


I'm about to book for the next event:

  01 Dec - Linux 'Fix-It' Evening

Now is the time to make the Penguin work!

Venue: Somewhere with lots of sockets!!! And easy parking to offload and 
reload kit.

A chance to share and exchange ideas, problems, fixes, for anything and 
everything Linux. Or just bring along your hardware for expert help for 
installing Linux or whatever Open Source software.

This is intended as an open free-for-all to exchange hands-on help or 
show off whatever is interesting. As with the awareness days, it may 
even descend into a mini lan-slaughter with Unreal Tournament 2004!

Myself and Duncan(?) can bring along a switch or two for the lan.

How many should we expect with machines?
For: install, fixing, demo, show-off, or lan-wars?


The Christmas "Linux Format" mag has just arrived. Related bits are two 
excellent cartoons for Mr 'DR' Rob from recent talks on p17. The LXF 
folk also _REALLY_ liked Doom3, and UT2004 also. Our Anti-friend Billy 
should also be cringing from various other articles in there. (:-))


Do folk want to meet up for a Christmas nosh?
Posh nosh or usual free-beer venue??


My ideas for next talks:

Jan 2005

The nuts and bolts of Linux:
Linux the OS and Linux Freedoms explained

Linux medicine to knock you out! Anaesthesia monitoring in the Operating 
Theatre (Nottingham QMC)

Feb 2005 onwards

Recent examples of Disaster Recovery on PC systems. What worked and what 
(still) didn't...

Compiling your own customised kernel

Network traffic and traffic control:
How to speed up your surfing while maxed out

Audio applications

Image editing applications

VoIP - Voice over IP

Linux desktops &
How to tweak your desktop

Distros demos

...Other ideas?
What would people like to talk about/demonstrate?
What would people like hear about?

It's your group!


Martin Lomas
martin at ml1.co.uk

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