[Nottingham] mandrake-10 PowerPack RPM listing anywhere?

rwd Nickalls dicknickalls at compuserve.com
Tue Oct 5 05:45:46 BST 2004

Thanks Martin,

> If a package doesn't get voted for, or is not otherwise 
>contributed, then it doesn't get in. Five CDs is quite a fistful already!

well - as I remember it there were 9 CDs for Mandrake 7.2, 
but only 7 CDs for my current Mandrake 9.2.
 - and you say only 5 cds for Mandrake 10.
- so it looks as though there is less and less - although the price for the
PowerPack does seem to
be pretty much the same all along (about 50 quid).

>Join MandrakeClub and vote in whatever you want the next Mandrake to be. 
>(Email me before joining for details to share a beer (;-))

seems really weird that this is how stuff gets into the bundle.

>I've got Mandrake 10.0.1 on this machine. Post the rpm command you want 
>and I'll return the results.

OK -  I reall need a separate  search for all rpms   for each of the  key
tetex, xdvi, latex, bibtex, dvilj, dvipdfm, xmltex, kile, texdoc, lacheck, 
gnuplot, K3B,

if its easy to search for all these that would be nice.
maybe if you can just post me an ascii fille listing all the RPMs for the
Mandrake 10 PowerPac 
 that would be fine too.
I am sure others would appreciate such a listing too.

Also - whats in the Professional Pack ?? a listing here would be nice too.
odd that these are not on the web -(I can only find a listing for the
"download"-able system


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