[Fwd: Re: [Nottingham] Deciphering a kernel Ooops]

Jon Masters jonathan at jonmasters.org
Tue Oct 5 23:38:57 BST 2004

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Martin wrote:

| Jon Masters wrote:

|>     1). Recompile the offending Mandrake kernel on said box with
|> debugging symbols and send me a copy of tty_io.o generated - that way
|> I don't have to guess what the assembly output by ksymoops relates to
|> in the original file and can find the exact line number of the fault.

| I happen to be playing with two versions of gcc at the moment. Load is
| at 4+ (erk) with various stuff... I'll give it a try later this week.

I need it compiled with the exact version of gcc used to compile the
original kernel since I want the binary to be identical.

|>     2). Tell me whether you are using a serial console

| That depends on what you call a 'serial terminal'...

You're not on a serial console. I meant an rs232 terminal line.

|>> So who can give a more human translation of the Ooops message?

|> I'm working on it. It's unlikely to be your disk dying here - the vfs
|> checking was just the kernel confirming that you're allowed to open
|> the tty that the current process is on, but I'm not sure exactly where
|> it's getting a NULL pointer. I'm hoping you're on a serial console.

| Thanks for the checks.

I'll find what caused it but I'm not quite Linus yet so I need a little
bit more information from you and preferably a kernel with symbols.
Please rebuild that kernel using the original Mandrake gcc with
debugging symbols and get it to do that again with an oops.

| Wow! Does this mean I've found a real bug in the kernel???
| (:-O)

Possibly, likely a bug anyway. Whether you found it depends if it's been
fixed since or if Mandrake introduced it (unlikely) with patches.

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