[Nottingham] Linux Expo report

Michael Simms michael at tuxgames.com
Sat Oct 9 03:59:22 BST 2004

Guys - for those that didnt make it - you REALLY didnt miss anything at
Linux expo, it was the smallest Ive EVER seen it

The .org pavillion in the San Francisco expo was bigger than the whole
show. Redhat wasnt there, suse/novell had a small stand, HP had a
sizable stand but nothing that interested me, the rest was people
selling databases and productivity solutions. One Linux ISP, and the
.org pavilion was pretty sparse too, only about 10 groups with a laptop
a piece on a shelf

I got round it in about an hour, that includes stopping to make 2
business contacts and talk to the Linux Format editor that does the
reviews of LGP games for me. If Id not stopped, Id have been out in 15
Michael Simms - CEO, Tux Games

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