[Nottingham] xine help

j.harbourne at ntlworld.com j.harbourne at ntlworld.com
Mon Apr 4 22:36:10 BST 2005

On Monday 04 Apr 2005 22:04, Sarah Swindell wrote:
> I've been trying to play a dvd (black books series 2, though I suspect that
> this isn't relevant to the problem) using Xine. It tells me:
> Xine engine error,
> no demuxer plugin available to handle mny/cdrom/video_ts/video_ts.bup
> (file format not registered)
> unknown buffer type 0106000 0400000 and 02000000
> I'm running Mepis (debian based) and my dvd drive is a cheapo Matshita one
> from Maplins. It plays CDs fine using KSCD.
> any idea what demuxer plugin it wants or where to find it?

Demuxing / demultiplexing basically means, when speaking of video formats, 
splitting the file that contains both audio and video data (and possible 
other data streams as well, like subtitles), into separate files, each 
containing one element of the original file.
Demuxing file doesn't weaken the video nor audio quality, it doesn't do 
anything for these data streams, it just simply saves them into separate 
Opposite of demux is muxing, which basically joins the datastreams back 

which in your case means xine can't find the plugin it thinks it needs to 
handle the input, as to where you could find the plugin- I'm not sure most 
are built in (except those for encrypted DVD's which most commercial ones are 
in which cas libdvdcss is required) so maybe a more up to date version of 
xine is required.


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