[Nottingham] Irc server

Dalkus dalkus at fyrelizard.com
Thu Apr 7 18:34:50 BST 2005

Paul Mellors wrote:

> Does any one use the irc server at  irc://irc.uk.oftc.net/nott. is the 
> link out of date?

I popped in there about half a year ago after reading about it on the 
NLUG page and the general message that I got from the chan regulars was 
that no, it was not an official NLUG irc chan (As suggested on the site) 
that that a few NLUG members, sometimes are in there - but the majority 
just happen to live in Nottingham and have no or little connection to 
the NLUG.

I suggest that this link either be updated or an NLUG irc chan should be 
setup? (I believe this question arose a few months ago?)

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