[Nottingham] Re: Post - 'LAN Party & Fix-it Evening'

Martin martin at ml1.co.uk
Fri Apr 8 02:19:59 BST 2005

Martin wrote:
> Folks,
> 06 Apr 2005
> Bring your boxen, yourselves, and something for the housewarming and 
> enjoy the multi-tasking-partying.

Well, this time yesterday morning we were only just starting to shut
down the remaining machines. One certain person was being very keen in 
just /starting/ to reconfigure the boot and system parameters for an 

My arrival earlier was quite dramatic complete with squall and a 
blazingly bright double full arched rainbow. Wow! Shame the squall came 
with a lot of cold dampness. There was also a particularly irksome 
telephone pole that very nearly gained an additional coat of blue 
scrapings. What idiots would dump 10m of ugly outdated vertical timber 
in front of two driveways?!

And then various other people and boxen arrived.

We had multiple debugging of wireless cards, including a kernel 
recompile or few. Wireless <--> lan bridging via a laptop. Auto 
bittorrentting from ftp uploads. Various ftp-ing. Admiration of the neat 
innards of a Sun box as compared to the various not-so-neat innards of 
PCs. Even a discussion of how WEP and WPA are somewhat insecure and a 
brief look at a certain software 'network auditing' suit. Gnome vs KDE 
desktops were about evenly numbered.

I think we had a goodly group with a fair mix of machines. Shame we all
stayed far too geekie and were too busy on shared hackings to notice
that it was well onto midnight and a that a bag full of games had been
completely neglected (:-((

One bright person did have a brief demo of Frozen Bubble but I'm not
sure that counts (:-/)

Excellent venue. We must meet up there again before the place gets 'too
posh' for the likes of us to festoon it with all the extra wiring.

Thanks also to the super-switch man for the box and cables.

And the 10' neck-loving snake remained carefully hidden.

Good stuff, to be repeated.

Should we have a follow-up session on a Sat, noon onwards to give the 
games a chance to get exercised?


Martin Lomas
martin at ml1.co.uk

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