[Nottingham] Re: Web server questions

Richard Nolan richard at choob.org
Sat Apr 9 18:03:55 BST 2005


* Joshua Lock <incandescant at gmail.com> [2005-04-09 17:57]:
> I reckon I will have to do something similar to this, I will probably 
> put an index.html at the pubilc_html's root that just redirects to the 
> preferred site for that domain, then my second domain can point to 
> another folder in the same public_html directory.
> Thanks for all the feedback and ideas!

If you are using apache, it might be worth seeing if you can do this using a .htaccess file. Something like :-

Redirect /index.html http://www.yourdomain.com/sitefolder/

Would/should work. I find this can be faster/more seamless than using just index.html files. It's what I've used in the past anyway.

I did once see a not-especially-nice cgi script redirecting based on the hostname once before, so if you pointed the two domain names to the index it would differentiate, but I wouldn't really reccomend it as an option. Putting a redirect in (or just getting some other dirt cheap hosting) is most likely the best option.


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