[Nottingham] ATX2 argh!

Robert Postill robert at grinning-cat.com
Thu Apr 28 13:41:34 BST 2005

Roger Light wrote:

>>(its been suggested just get a new PSU that supports the correct pinning
>>- I would but they START at 120 pounds. I dotn think so!)
>I recently bought a new power supply and it had 24 pin main power for
>sure because I remember being suprised when I connected it. I can't
>remember about 8 pin 12v though....
If you're generally interested in buying a power supply check out this 
review (especially the bit about the SilentMaxx unit )

However I was under the impression that you could plug in the smaller 
units to the larger connectors (hence them not having to rename the 
standard).  Although obviously you should be saving your pennies for a 
top notch unit with all the gubbins.


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