[Nottingham] Re: KDE Startup problem

David Aldred david at familyaldred.org.uk
Sat Mar 12 15:02:52 GMT 2005

On Saturday 12 Mar 2005 11:22, Charles Samuels wrote:
> Saturday 12 March 2005 10:35, skrev David Aldred:

> > There's no ~/.kde/share/apps/kwin directory.
> Well, in short the KDE Window Manager has gone nuts.  Since I don't know
> Mandrake too well, I might guess that Mandrake may set a $KDEHOME, changing
> it from ~/.kde to something else, like ~/.kde3 or something, give that a
> try, $KDEHOME/share/apps/kwin/eventsrc

I've got it sorted now...

$KDEHOME isn't set (or at least echo $KDEHOME produces no visible output).  
However, the two likely looking files from a slocate were 


Renaming the first one to /kwin.eventsrcold and restarting X (couldn't just 
log out of KDE since nothing was working!) has sorted it.

I'll get Frances to mail you a copy of the file when the PC's back at her 
college room - thanks for the help, and now you know what Mandrake does with 
this file!

David Aldred

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