[Nottingham] Re: KDE Startup problem

David Aldred david at familyaldred.org.uk
Sat Mar 12 17:17:18 GMT 2005

On Friday 11 Mar 2005 20:23, Charles Samuels wrote:

> My guess is that you can fix the problem by deleting
> ~/.kde/share/apps/kwin/eventsrc (but sending me a copy of it first :)

Err, just looked for that on my own machine, and it isn't there!  (Of course, 
that may be why mine's working and hers isn't - I was assuming it would be 
something messed up in an otherwise sane file rathr than the whole file 

slocate eventsrc reveals (among many others, all individual app related):


Is it one of those, or is the very existence of the file you quote the reason 
for the problem?

David Aldred

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