[Nottingham] Making PCs from parts

Cam camilo at mesias.co.uk
Wed Mar 23 21:06:04 GMT 2005


Some tips that no-one's mentioned so far - think twice before buying the 
core components from different suppliers. That's in case one or more are 
faulty but you don't know which. If it comes to the worst it's easier to 
return the lot.

By core components I mean the CPU, RAM and motherboard. Other things 
like power supplies and graphics cards can be tested by substituting 
them into a working system fairly easily.

If buying a hard drive, check how long the warranty is. You can 
sometimes do this on the web. Consider two smaller drives instead of a 
single huge one. Apart from having swap on a different drive to the main 
OS, you could have a backup of your home area.


PS you can test the PSU according to the info on this page: 

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