[Nottingham] Making PCs from parts

Hussein Jodiyawalla hussein at mightymouse.net
Thu Mar 24 19:25:11 GMT 2005

On 23 Mar 2005, at 16:13, Duncan John Fyfe wrote:
> 	Last time I placed a guts of a PC order with them it took ~ a month 
> for
> them to get an item in stock and since they don't hold items in an 
> order
> by the time it arrived other items were now out of stock.
> And by the time they arrived - you can see where this is going :)

Hey ppl,

I tend to buy a lot of stuff, for myself, for work etc etc.  One golden 
rule that I tend to stick to after a few bad experiences is "don't 
attempt to buy anything that is out of stock".

Of course there are always some bits and pieces that you want to be 
just right - you know, looking for a particular keyboard, just the 
right screen and the perfect case for example but in these cases I 
would always go elsewhere.  Most items, such as RAM, disc and disk 
drives, there is a lot of choice, and marginal upgrade is always better 
than waiting for stock.

If there is a great price difference when looking for a product between 
one place and another (fairly rare these days) then I would wait for 
the item to come back in stock before I part with money.

Barebones systems offer pretty good value for money.  My aunts ASUS 
Pundit-R based system worked out fairly cheap and nice - its 
surprisingly quiet too for such a small box with a P4 inside.  Don't 
know about Linux compatibility though, and it does only have one PCI 


Hussein Jodiyawalla
mightymouse dot net

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