[Nottingham] Annoying mutt feature

Rob Andrews rob at impure.org.uk
Mon Mar 28 09:36:35 BST 2005

[28-Mar-2005 07:46.47 (BST) / Mike Cardwell]
 > set folder=imap://localhost:143/INBOX.
 > set spoolfile="{localhost:143}inbox"

You might want to rethink these lines - mutt's operation works that it
assumes all folders lie under the 'folder' root. And INBOX is no

Thus, the folder namespace should be:

set folder=imap://localhost/

And the spoolfile should be:

set spoolfile=+INBOX

I don't know if it makes a difference now, but should mutt's imap
operation change in future it may cause a fuss then.

Whilst you're at it, have you looked at the mutt imap headercache patch?
Rather than constantly refetching headers, it keeps a local spool. About
18 months ago, it had enough problems with flags not being updated in
the local cache but being updated on the server that I stopped using it,
but it did make a significant difference in speed. Especially in large
folders, where my cyrus installation falls down on it's knees and shifts
50 headers per second.


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