[Nottingham] [NLUG] 06/04/2005 'LAN Party & Fix-it Evening' for a Linux housewarming party

Martin martin at ml1.co.uk
Tue Mar 29 16:08:13 BST 2005

Dalkus wrote:
> This is a great idea, and I hope an opportunity for any people on the 
> list that perhaps haven't yet plucked the courage to come to one of the 
> meetings yet.

All are indeed welcome, and I would expect things to be even more 
add-hoc being as it is partying (:-))

For those new to linux or just starting, this could be a 'short-cut' for 
help for a very fast and smooth distro install on their machine.

(Excluding 'live' distros, my record is bare hdd to surfing the web in 
less than 15 mins!)

> Are there any ideas as to what games will be being played yet? If people 
> would like I can download some of the larger installers and burn to a CD 
> if they have a slow connection?

Please bring whatever downloads you have. Here is good to coordinate 
roughly who has what Open Source already downloaded. Please leave the 
detail to the nlug_party mailing.

We'll be setting up two lans now (thanks to Mr Ersk) so that we can have 
(fast) gaming and a second (saturated (:-)) lan for other hackings.

Should be good for comparing data.


Martin Lomas
martin at ml1.co.uk

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