[Nottingham] Response on awareness day

Martin martin at ml1.co.uk
Thu Nov 3 00:46:54 GMT 2005

Michael Simms wrote:
> Well, greetings to all LUG members.
> I'm sorry, but this email is not going to be a nice one.

And sorry, I think Michael is being far too nice and British.

Well folks, I've already had alternative fireworks earlier this evening 
so I'm more than happy to add to a PISSED-OFF RANT!

We're going to make the Awareness Days work regardless because a very 
small few of us do care.

The rest of you freeloaders are welcome to passively free-load.

However, I will be marking my commitment vs community return and I will 
be acting accordingly. Our present club funds can easily be directed to 
my favoured charity.

Just as in real world democratic politics, those voted for will live or 
die by the voters and by the support (or not) of those voters.

If we are unpopular with no support, then fine. There is a very good 
critical core mass of doers to have a good sociable clique. It will save 
much extra typing not to bother further.

If we are wrong, then tell us. Otherwise, do something.

PATHETIC. Go pay Microsoft £200 and pray £1000 for your data.


Tell me I'm wrong if you dare or care.

Martin Lomas
martin at ml1.co.uk

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