[Nottingham] Response on awareness day

Graeme Fowler graeme at graemef.net
Thu Nov 3 10:48:39 GMT 2005


This whole thing feels so terribly, terribly familiar...

...oh yes, that would be the previous long discussion regarding how much
effort different people/groups put into "The LUG", or the LUG, or the
mailing list (semantic difference intentional).

Maybe, just maybe, any damage done there is being reaped this time
around. It certainly left a bad taste in my mouth (and those of many
other subscribers with whom I am personally acquainted), and left me
only a click away from unsubbing. I chose not to at the time as I felt
it would look, to me at least, just as reactionary as shouting at
"recalcitrant" or "uncommitted" mailing list members who either didn't
get involved or got angry/upset/a little peeved at being "left out" of
the specific process which took place at that time.

I don't subscribe to this list to evangelise, I (like Mike) stay on the
list even though I don't live in Nottingham (I commute there each day)
in order to offer help and assistance, ask the odd question, and learn
about new and cool stuff people are doing - if it hadn't been for the
talk and discussions about Asterisk and Sipgate, for example, I'd never
be running that (and in fact have just taken delivery of two cards to
permit PSTN connectivity). I suspect (although will never know) that the
vast majority of subscribers fall into the same category.

I'd very much like to see how many (and who) unsubscribe from the list
today. I know of at least one person who I'd rate as "expert" who
already has.


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