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Matthew Walster matthew at walster.org
Thu Nov 3 16:27:51 GMT 2005

On Thursday 03 November 2005 12:36, Simon wrote:
> I was reading a website about Mac OSX for Intel when I found some
> interesting information. It seems a fair few games companies are
> wanting to port games to this system. Given that PowerPC macs will be
> in use for a while yet, it could take a long time for the Intel line
> to get as big. But these companies are wanting to port the games.
> Regarding the Linux community, do we have anything to gain here?
> Surely if they port games to run on OSX intel then it's pretty trivial
> to port to run on Linux? Is this even possible though?

It's not trivial, and I'm sure that Michael Simms (CEO, TuxGames) will 
re-assert this, but what you identify is true - if they release Mac versions, 
soon enough Linux versions are likely to follow.

For example, a game (the only game apart from Flight Sim) I play called 
WWIIOnLine doesn't work in Cedega, wine, whatever. It has clients for Mac and 
Windows. There is no Linux client. I doubt there will be one, because every 
user who runs Linux also runs Windows (well, almost) so there is no reason 
for a client apart from keeping a select slice of customers happier. 

Things will change though. If they can release something for PS2, Xbox, PC, 
Mac, it can't be THAT hard to find decent Linux developers with skills on 
other platforms that would do the conversion for them?

Matthew Walster
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