[Nottingham] Response on awareness day

gary smith laccata at ntlworld.com
Fri Nov 4 08:30:51 GMT 2005

Michael Simms wrote:

> Secondly, Im not going to apologise to anyone. 
Because you are too immature to do this.

>Im sorry but if anyone
> was so horribly offended by my email, then really, you are probably too
> emotionally fragile to be out in society
The emotional fragility was expressed perfectly by the childish rant 
that started all this.  None of the critical responses has given the 
impression that the author was horribly offended.  They have all pointed 
out that the original posting was nothing but emotional hysteria, devoid 
of any substance.  Your responses are displaying a complete lack of 
emotion maturity.

> This isnt the first flamewar, it wont be the last, and it
> is by far from the harshest. I didnt even feel the need for flame
> retardent clothing with the level of comments (sorry to those that tried
> to offend me, you didnt).
... like here for example.

> Grow up, 
This is choice!

>it was an email expressing my opinions,
It was an email full of personal vitriol against 400 people; wind and no 

> and you know what, Im
> allowed my opinions and I firmly believe in everything I said, and
> nothing that a few people going complaining is going to change that.
Yes, your dogma is to be commended.

> I hold my opinion, people who disagree with me hold theirs thats fine,
> and I respect your right to your opinion. Dont try and take mine away
> from me.
Nobody is trying to do that.  All people are asking is that postings 
should have substance.  Yours have none.

> Finally:
> This mailing list is NOT HERE FOR FLAMEWARS.
So stop posting your childish gobshite then.

> If you have a problem with
> what I say,
Not personally.

> send me a personal email and we can have a nice personal
> slanging match away from people that really dont give a damn what your
> grudge against what I said is.
Better in public.

> Its gone on long enough, too long in fact, and nothing anyone says is
> going to bring up any new issues.
Or. to put it another way "by hook or by crook I'll be last in this book".

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