[Nottingham] Response on awareness day

Matt nottlug at spandex.nildram.co.uk
Fri Nov 4 11:49:09 GMT 2005

MS> Grow up, it was an email expressing my opinions, and you know
MS> what, Im allowed my opinions and I firmly believe in everything I
MS> said, and nothing that a few people going complaining is going to
MS> change that.

No, you don't believe everything you said, unless you've truly
mastered doublethink. On the one hand you claim to care enough about
the whole Linux thing to spread the word. On the other hand you claim
you don't care what damage you do to the Linux community by
"expressing your opinion". Which is it?

You should also note that it's very easy to say pretty much anything
and then say "I'm just expressing my opinion". You are entitled to
your opinion and you are entitled to express it. Sometimes though, the
smart move is to keep your opinion to yourself.

You shot yourself (and your awareness day) in the foot somewhat by
pissing off several members of this LUG. A little humility in your
tone could easily have undone that damage but instead your pride
forced you to bluster your way through and insist that aggressive,
accusational emails are ok and that you'd done nothing wrong. In fact,
you've weakened and shrunk NottsLUG. Any logical assessment of the
situation *must* conclude that you made a bad judgement call and have
been compounding it ever since... and the crushing irony that makes it
almost amusing is that it's all because you profess to want to *help*
the world of Linux! You are a fool sir.

Anyway, I'm off. Good luck in your quest to convert more people to
Linux by berating them for not trying hard enough.


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