[Nottingham] Better than Windows? was: Response on awareness day

David Aldred david at familyaldred.org.uk
Fri Nov 4 18:11:29 GMT 2005

On Friday 04 Nov 2005 00:00, Cam wrote:

> If you used the
> install alias you would still fall foul of argument syntax of the
> underlying commands.

(Actually, I probably mean something more than a simple alias, the more I 
think about it - more a script to handle the lookup aspect of the argument 
passed to 'install'). 

If you need the remining syntax options, you want to go beyond the 'install' 
syntax anyway - just as on Windows if you want to install something using 
unusual options you can't use the standard installers.  

Few people do, in the end: and using urpmi since installing Mandriva 2006 I've 
not used any unusual arguments. 

David Aldred

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