[Nottingham] Check that I can still post!?

Martin martin at ml1.co.uk
Wed Nov 9 23:42:31 GMT 2005

Michael Leuty wrote:
> On Wednesday 09 Nov 2005 19:49, Colin Saxton wrote:
>>the mailing list went quiet!
> It's technically known as the calm after the storm.
> ;-)

Or is it that I've been busy elsewhere offline?
Or everyone has unsubscribed??!


Being rather more serious:

I do have a life outside of NLUG. And remarkably few people have 
unsubscribed. In fact, about the same as the usual 'churn' factor.

And for those very few demanding an apology from me: I will be making my 
apology when we've seen how the Awareness Days turn out, and when I've 
had a chance to listen to the LUGRadio comments.

Meanwhile, thanks to all the comments and interest. There was just one 
abusive emailer troll. Otherwise, I've been impressed that a lot of 
people do indeed seem to care.

Awareness Days on this Friday and Saturday and looking good. Thanks to all.



Martin Lomas
martin at ml1.co.uk

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