[Nottingham] Fetchmail for forwarding - a better way?

Michael Erskine msemtd at yahoo.co.uk
Mon Nov 14 09:43:54 GMT 2005

Hi all, some signal for your mailboxes,

From time to time I have to forward email for employees who are absent. This 
task is usually performed with rules in my KMail client since I have a bad 
history of trying to get fetchmail to do something sensible. It is pathetic 
of me to use a mail client so I want to do the right thing and either get 
fetchmail properly configured or use a simple alternative. The task is always 
the same: collect new mail from external POP3 server at our ISP and forward 
copies to one or more recipients whilst leaving the mail in the user's 
mailbox for them to collect when they return. Previous attempts to do this 
with fetchmail have resulted in lost mail (very bad), horrific mail loops 
(bad and annoying), and mail continually being resent (very annoying). The 
fetchmail conf files for the previous attempts have been ritually destroyed 
on advice from my mental health counsellor so I don't have them available for 
public derision.

I'm hopeful that I can recover from this with help form some lucky soul who 
has a simple solution that I can drop in my cron file and hopefully forget 
about (until coworkers complain).

Michael Erskine.

Only someone with nothing to be sorry for smiles back at the rear of an

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