[Nottingham] Apache Questions + Logwatch

Mike Haber Mike.Haber at nottingham.ac.uk
Mon Nov 14 10:18:25 GMT 2005

>>> This just seem to serve users pages with the ~. I want to server users pages with or without the ~. Preferably with a one-liner in httpd.conf :-)
>Lookup the "AliasMatch" directive. You can quite sweetly remove the ~
>from a URL of form http://www.blah.tld/~username/whatever/path/you/like/ 
>with that.
That looks like it, cheers Graeme:-), and thanks Mike ( >Use mod_rewrite: it's a one-liner.) i'll look in to them both.

>> I could change the detail so the emails are smaller, but I'd like to keep the detail the same, just not have truncated emails from logwatch :-) It's the bit 
>thats been truncated that's gonna be really important.....
>I'm not sure I get this - you're saying that the emails themselves are
>truncated, or that logwatch is truncating its' reports? If the former
>then you have a real problem with your SMTP server (or something which
>is pumping data into it, perhaps via a pipe into the binary in the case
>of a cron job), if the latter there's probably a config option somewhere
>which is doing it.

I'm getting emails that stop half way through the report on long reports. Not sure if it's logwatch, of SMTP.


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