[Nottingham] VIA EPIA + SUSE video driver problem

Ashley ashley.arb at gmail.com
Wed Nov 16 11:19:29 GMT 2005

VIA EPIA M10000 Nehemiah Mainboard
Hauppage WinTV PCI
OpenSUSE 10.0

No video signal when startx

I expected it to install and run without any problems.  Anyone had any
experience with any combination of setup?  I suspect something has
gone wrong, rather than hardware not supported.

I can boot to console with failsafe, and I tried to setup the via
driver using xf86config but no VIA options and when I chose the
standard VGA options it failed to write the config file - very

Next I will check the iso's (again) and try running the setup program
- it has some repair option.  I will also try and find the update

After that my options are:
1)  Pull out the TV card and try with no TV card
2)  Put in my All-In-Wonder PCI vga/tv card instead (saw this option
in xf86config)
3)  Follow instructions http://epialinux.org/graphics.html to build a
Unichrome driver

How well does SUSE cope with hardware changes?  Should I do a clean install?

I fitted the Hauppage because I did not think that the All-In-Wonder
TV was supported - is it?

Any suggestions?  I am trying to find the quickest solution!


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