[Nottingham] Merging databases problem

Michael Erskine perl at tecspy.com
Sat Nov 19 13:04:36 GMT 2005

Martin wrote:
> On another forum on this planet elsewhere there's a database merge 
> hiccup. Any SQL/Informix experts have an idea for the following?

I haven't used Informix since the late 80's!

> "The two databases are physically identical, just contain different 
> data. The issue is that several fields are of user-defined type, which 
> apparently don't just get copied with a SQL "insert into db1:table 
> (x,y,z) select (x,y,z) from db2:table". Some really annoyingly long SQL 
> may do the trick, except that these types contains lists of indefinite 
> length, and from what we've experienced, if you screw up the transfer, 
> you hose the *enter* table."

Doesn't Informix have any bulk-copy, import/export, backup/restore 
maintenance commands?

Michael Erskine.

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