[Nottingham] Re: Fake raid and linux

Brian Pickford Brian at brianpickford.co.uk
Sat Nov 26 16:13:35 GMT 2005

I have downloaded SuSe 10 to install dual boot on my gaming rig (Athlon 
64 + goodies), after burning the cd's and trying hte install I find that 
I'll have to format the system again and set up software raid through 
linux in order to sit linux side by side with windows, but then I would 
not be ablue to use the BIOS raid with windows.
Its an Nforce3 chipset raid with a pair of 80 gig SATA 150's

I have read around on the net and found there are a few options :- one 
involving Gentoo that sounds like a whole heap of trouble.
url :

Another oprtion seems to be buying a hardware raid card, reinstalling 
windows and linux on that - but, my question is which one?
I think that anything much over £70 would not be a wise investment esp. 
as I'm just trying out the x64 versions of linux.
The range of cards seems to run up to £230.

Does any one on the list have an idea of the best fit soloution here 
please? Or is it best to just let it lie for now?

Cheers, Brian.

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