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Java Lynx javalynx at email.com
Mon Nov 28 14:21:39 GMT 2005

Hi guys,

Just to let you know that I had the first decent nights sleep since I started trying to sort the problem of the corrupted profile and to help anyone else with a similar issue.

When I saw the advice from Michael L, I thought it was not going to work straight away as I was expecting loads of info and instructions to follow. Well I was wrong, thank goodness. I did manage to lock myself out of ALL the other profiles by doing the command and thought that was that. Luckilly, I must have had a brainwave and tried giving back the rights ONLY to other profiles except the corrupted one and a test profile. IT WORKED!!! I gained access to the files, I managed to back them up to another pc using samba (after a little work changing properties to allow copying files across my network) and I am now ready to install Suse 10 and Ubuntu 10 on my laptop. I can't decide which one I like best yet which is why i'm installing both ;-)

Anyway, this was just to let you know that the issue is now resolved, to thank both the Michaels for the support/ interest and that my life can now move on at last (not as many late nights cursing my ignorance of the Linux commandline):-) 

Thanks again.
Happier pat

On Sunday 27 November 2005 16:06, Java Lynx wrote:
> Sorry,
> I did forget to mention that the messages I get when I try to save the data
> is that "You are not the owner of the file and so cant change ownership..."
> etc. When I changed the ownership of the folder holding the profile to
> another user, it then stopped me logging into THAT profile but i managed to
> get that back. I cant copy, move or change the ownership of anything in
> that profile, even via a terminal screen.

>>Hi Pat,

>>Are we just talking about Mozilla Firefox profiles? Is it just the bookmarks
>>you wish to recover?

>>Michael Erskine.

>>We were so poor that we thought new clothes meant someone had died.

On 27/11/05, Java Lynx <javalynx at email.com> wrote:
> I cant copy, move or change the ownership of anything in that profile,
> even via a terminal screen.

>I think you want the chown command.

>Open a terminal in your home directory. Use the command:

>sudo chown -R username *

>(where "username" is your user name, of course).

>This should change the ownership of all files (*) in your home
>directory and all sub-directories to make them yours.

>This has to be done as "root", hence sudo at the beginning. You will
>have to give your password before the command will be carried out.

>Michael Leuty
>Nottingham, UK

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