[Nottingham] Audio analysis & comparison search

Andy Brown nlug at jester.nu
Tue Nov 29 05:43:44 GMT 2005

On Mon, 28 Nov 2005, Martin wrote:

> Alex Herington wrote:
>> Martin wrote:
>>> For example, given a bar of music, find other mp3s that contain a similar 
>>> sounding bar?
>> Wow, sounds like Shazam < http://www.shazam.com/music/portal/ > :)
> Interesting and close but not quite, and I'm looking for much shorter snippets 
> than 20 seconds.
> Looks like it can be done... But how?

Horrible amounts of signal processing.
You'd need to pull out the beats, and the melody to do it properly.
The problem is 'similar'. Identical would probably be quite a bit 

Andy Brown

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