[Nottingham] AssemblyTV 2006

Matthew Walster matthew at walster.org
Tue Aug 1 06:12:31 BST 2006

As requested by various people on lug.org.uk, I'm just writing a  
quick message to inform you all about AssemblyTV, which this year is  
running from August 3rd to August 6th.

Assembly is the world's largest demoparty - with 6500 visitors, it's  
huge, and some of the best coders in the world attend to show off  
their talent on the big screen.

As Assembly is such an important event, we broadcast it over  
AssemblyTV, both to 700,000 viewers in Finland, and over VLC to  
thousands of viewers around the world - we have a 2Gbit net  
connection, and network peers distributed over the net, so we won't  
be running out of bandwidth! Streams are available in  
512/1024/2048kbit so you should get a really nice picture if you've  
got the space for it!

I present the compostudios and various technical elements, which will  
be released with the scheduling information later on today!

To watch AssemblyTV, visit www.assemblytv.net or read about Assembly  
on www.assembly.org. The broadcast starts at 1200 EEST (1000 BST) on  

Matthew Walster

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