[Nottingham] Sendmail and squirrelmail Filtering

Richard Morris richard at tannery.co.uk
Fri Aug 4 18:21:07 BST 2006

Johan Boshoff wrote:
> I have a domain on my FC4 box that's want to be able to manage in
> SquirrelMail who can send him email.  Basically he wants all the other
> emails OTHER than the ones he set up to be returned to the user sedning
> the emails.
> I set up a plug-in "blocked senders" but that only allows me to block
> certain addresses or domains (that doesn't even work...) but that is not
> what they want.

Rather than just using squirrelmail pluggins, the easiest way would
probably be to put the squirrelmail addressbook into a mysql database
and then use that table as a whitelist for your MTA.



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