[Nottingham] file encryption.

Martin Garton martin at stupids.org
Mon Aug 21 14:23:48 BST 2006

At a recent LUG meet there was some discussion about file encryption.
crypto loop was mentioned as well as dm-crypt both for use at the block
level. Also, gpg and similar for encrypting individual files was

I just wanted to add http://ecryptfs.sourceforge.net/ to the discussion.

It is a stacked filesystem, and will encrypt files (one by one) to an
underlying filesystem.  Of course, you can then do things like back up
the underlying encrypted files to another (potentially untrusted)
machine.  This has the advantages of individual file encryption (which I
believe some folks said they were looking for) in a pretty painless way.

It's not in the current vanilla kernel AFAIK, but I think its in -mm so
should be in vanilla at some point.  2.6.19 maybe.


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