[Nottingham] News for Linux Format?

Martin martin at ml1.co.uk
Fri Aug 25 12:42:07 BST 2006

LInux Format - LUGS wrote:
> Dear all
> Greetings from Linux Format magazine (www.linuxformat.co.uk) in sunny Bath.
> If you've seen the magazine you'll know we have a User Group section,
> listing LUGs in the UK and occasionally running some UK LUG news. We'd
> like to expand the UK LUG news bit into a larger, regular section. We
> feature an overseas LUG every month, and we've realised LXF should be
> promoting domestic groups with the same enthusiasm.
> The hope is to give UK LUGs a place where they can tell the wider FOSS
> community about what they've been up to, give readers who've never been
> to a LUG before an idea of what they're like, and hopefully generate
> more interest among our readers in your meetings and mailing lists.
> Rebecca Smalley
> Operations editor
> Linux Format
> *We'd need your news about six weeks before the magazine will be on the
> shelves, so we couldn't report on imminent events.

OK folks,

any interested writers or interviewees???

This is all /your/ group!


Martin Lomas
martin at ml1.co.uk

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