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ricky at domainarena.net ricky at domainarena.net
Wed Aug 30 13:37:24 BST 2006


> For someone new to php5 and also new to ajax, can anyone give any pointers
> to some brief docs/tutorials to get started with them please?

> This is so that I can take a quick look before perhaps diving in! :-)

Sorry for the condescending remarks gentlemen!

The two examples I made (Google Suggest and Address Completion) are two
things I've written with PHP and AJAX. I'd be happy to supply the code for
the Google Suggest thing if required. I'm not implying that you couldn't
write them yourself! ;)

> Sigh! Where to start in assassinating this ridiculous statement! Bring
> forward example engineers A, B, and C from my own company who are
> JavaScript, DHTML, CSS, and MySQL experts, none of whom has had need to
> lay a finger on PHP or AJAX. I'm training them in AJAX at the moment -
> not out of necessity I might add!

Woops, my bad!

Are there any particular things you want to implement with AJAX, or do you
just want to learn the principles? The link that I originally sent was
enough to get me started to write the example I mentioned.

I'd be happy to help!

-- Ricky

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