[Nottingham] Hello!

Michael Whitby m.whitby at gmail.com
Wed Aug 30 14:40:56 BST 2006

Hi all, a short mail to say hi as I have just joined the list, and
I've been spotted by Mike so cannot hide any longer...

I'm new to Linux, I've very sporadically fiddled over the past 2 or 3
years with various distro's (I've tried Slackware, Fedora and now
Ubuntu) but have never really settled down and used any as my main O/S
(and if i don;t do that I hardly get chance to actually use them!).
Anyway, I've recently installed Kubuntu and am getting along with it
quite nicely, it seems as though it would take quite a bit of effort
to actually not get along with it though :P

Anyway - I hope to carry on using Kubuntu, i'm sure I'll come across
many problems, in which case its nice to have a group of people to
direct questions at :) seems as though you also so quite a few events
which would be good to come along to every now and then, as I reckon
I'd learn a lot more if shown things I didn't otherwise know about.

About me - I'm from Nottingham and live in Colwick, I administer the
general I.T. infrastructure where I work (which is how I came to
joiing this list as I work with Mike Erskine), like lizards (although
I no longer have one) and used to go jetskiing. I spend a lot of free
time fiddling with networks, learning Cisco skills and also things
like housework :(

Talk to you all soon I hope.

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