[Nottingham] Second Life - nlug invasion!

Paul Mellors paul at paulmellors.net
Thu Aug 31 10:59:18 BST 2006

> OK, last night before going to the real life beers in Beeston (good to see 
> you
> guys BTW), I went to a LUG meeting in Second Life (SL) -  there I was 
> given a
> glass of champagne that constantly refills itself! Later (after the real 
> life
> pub) I went to a SL club and at the bar was a seat labelled "get drunk 
> here".
> I sat in the seat and my avatar began drinking heavily and fell over when
> stood up! I must have had a good night because this morning I find my 
> avatar
> is covered in tattoos!

Hi all

I signed up last night, if you see me say hello

My avatars name is Rogarth Renneville


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