[Nottingham] old junk.

Martin Garton martin at stupids.org
Thu Aug 31 19:12:35 BST 2006


Does anybody want any of these before I get rid of them somewhere else?
(somewhere like the bin in most cases)

1) Three PS2 keyboards.

2) Intel motherboard with PII onboard.

3) IBM Ultrastar 36GB SCSI hard drive.  A few years old, but hasn't had
too much use.

4) 40x Liteon cdrom drive. (ide)

5) 128MB sodimm for laptop. Came from a thinkpad r40e, but may fit

Any for anyone with _very_ old hardware:

6) ISA Soundblaster sound card

7) ISA 3com ethernet card

8) 16MB memory for laptop. (came from thinkpad 560e)


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