[Nottingham] Hardware sought

Jim Moore james at the-computer-shop.co.uk
Sat Dec 2 12:56:03 GMT 2006

OK, here's a challenge for you - I'm looking for nano-ITX motherboards of the 
VIA Eden persuasion. I know Maplin had them in for a bit, and they were 
obscenely expensive from there. I've spotted a couple sites which still carry 
them, but unfortunately won't ship to the UK in orders of less than a 
thousand units (and yes, nano-ITX are very specialised x86 boards).

I only need TEN! :\ Well, one at a time beyond three. We're talking single 
digit quantities here until the prototype is done.

What I'm doing is prototyping a cluster which is quiet enough to sit in the 
living room and not be heard over a ceiling fan(!), yet be powerful enough to 
justify itself to videophiles (like myself) as an encoding cluster without 
the associated humungous power bill. such as you'd get with one P4 running 
24/7*. I'll also be looking into an opensource software solution for cluster 
control and applications porting as well, eventually.

*each node will draw 6W idle, max 15W at full load. So even a ten node cluster 
will draw barely more than a pair of incandescent bulbs at full capacity!

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