[Nottingham] Pesky ._ "files"

Joshua Lock incandescant at gmail.com
Thu Dec 7 12:15:21 GMT 2006

On 07/12/06, Michael Erskine <msemtd at yahoo.co.uk> wrote:
> On Thursday 07 December 2006 02:25, Joshua Lock wrote:
> > Problem is the help was given via IRC which I have no logs of.
> Josh, tut, tut! Call me old fashioned, but your main problem is ending a
> sentence with a preposition: surely you mean "Problem is the help was given
> via IRC, of which I have no logs".

Granted, and I truly appreciate you pointing out that at 03:00 my
grammar sucks!
In fact, my grammar sucks most of the time but more so at the end of a long day.

> Presented with formidable grammar, those troublesome files will be intimidated
> into self-destruction. :)

If only it where true, there aren't scared off by bad grammar or
formidable grammar...

> BOFH excuse #75:
> There isn't any problem


P.S: Mick, you're old fashioned!

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