[Nottingham] PS2 - Linux; Off Topic, but maybe some one could point me in the right direction

Michael Erskine msemtd at yahoo.co.uk
Tue Feb 14 11:38:08 GMT 2006

On Tuesday 14 Feb 2006 10:19, Craig Lynch wrote:
> I've recently bought a copy of the PS2 linux development kit from PS2Dev
> and was wondering if someone could give me a way in as to setting up a
> network so it can access a partition on my PC for music and have net
> access. Sorry for being somewhat vague, I've only got as far as installing
> linux on the PS2 and attaching it to my network card on my PC. I would ask
> on the ps2dev forum, but I can't login.
> O, and the PC is running mostly ubuntu 5.10 but debian (latest release - on
> linux format 70, I think)also.

Hmmm, an exciting project but nothing I've ever played with. So let me get 
this straight, the PS2 has its own network card, presumably USB, and it's 
connected to the PC's network card via a hub/switch/crossover-cable? You 
should have no problem accessing files on the PC's HDD and transferring data 
files between the two machines. I recommend using Samba: Ubuntu should have 
Samba front ends that make it easy to set up shares (my Kubuntu machines do) 
and all that's needed on the PS2 is smbmount or smbclient or a similar 

I am also assuming you're talking about a PlayStation2 and not an IBM PS/2 :) 
(which I tried to set up with Linux but failed miserably -- 2mb i386!)

Michael Erskine.

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