[Nottingham] Free (old) computer bits

David Luff daveluff at ntlworld.com
Thu Jan 5 23:25:41 GMT 2006

Hi folks,

I'm clearing out the loft, and have a load of old junk, sorry classic computer bits, going free if anyone wants any of them before they get chucked out.

At least some of them worked when they went up there - I've no idea if any of them work anymore.

ISA network card (10 and 100).
P60 + motherboard in AT tower case.
4 sticks 72 pin ram.
Complete Elonex small form factor AT PC (486?)
Several of ISA VGA graphics cards, 1 is EGA, also some ISA serial/parallel port cards.
About 30 or so floppy cables and a similar number of serial/parallel port risers.
Old floppy drives (both sizes).
486 motherboard and processor and memory.
Another AT tower case (quite fancy but looking a bit rough now).
AT mini tower case without the cover, but with a motherboard and power supply.
Several AT power supplies.
Several Crappy old keyboards with the D connector that's bigger than ps2.
2 NEC 4CD multichangers that don't work.
Lots of floppy disks.

Also a tandem (one behind the other) graco pushchair - one wheel is a bit wonky but it never got any worse whilst we used it.

I don't suppose anybody really wants any of this junk (except possibly the pushchair) but it seems a shame to chuck it out without even asking!

Cheers - Dave

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