[Nottingham] newbie Hi!

Graeme Fowler graeme at graemef.net
Fri Jan 6 08:12:41 GMT 2006

Roger Light wrote:
> Most useful, in my opinion is piping any text output into more. So:
> ls -l | more
> Takes a file listing and pipes it into the more command, thereby
> allowing you to look at a page of output at once rather than it all
> scrolling by in one go.


ls -l | less

Because "less is more". With more functionality, ie. you can page up, 
page down, line up, line down, search for things, isolate specific 
lines, save stuff to files... and, er, more :)

less is my pager of choice; I tend to feel a bit like my legs have been 
chopped off without it.


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