[Nottingham] Re: Maildir on a different partition RE: Knoppix

Richard Street street2000 at ntlworld.com
Sat Jan 14 23:36:48 GMT 2006

Pete Woods asked:

> Is that why Knoppix (4.0.2/64) takes forever to load?
No. It takes forever to load because it has everything but the kitchen 
sink in it ;-)

Seriously though, hardware detection & waiting for non-existant DHCP 
servers on network configuration don't help with the startup times. 
Neither do running from CD/DVD ROM with much-slower-than hard disk seek 
times, and compressed file systems!

By comparison, I have a Knoppix 3.8 CD and it loads in about 1/2 the 
time of a Windows PE (Pre-installation Environment) Boot-Disk - which is 
basically the same idea but the Windows disk has only a fraction of the 
tools and software available on the Knoppix CD.

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