[Nottingham] Re: Maildir on a different partition

Chris Booth Chris.Booth at nottingham.ac.uk
Sun Jan 15 00:22:01 GMT 2006

 >So now I need to get the BIOS to boot from my dusty old floppy 
>drive.  At the moment it tells me that NTLDR is missing.  Anyone had 
>that one before?!

I'll try to be a bit clearer (it's been a long day).

In the above case it seems that the boot sector refers to NTLDR but is looking for it in the wrong partition. Just use FDISK to set the correct bootable partition.  If you are sure you have set the correct bootable partition and NTLDR is still missing then check the boot.ini file points to the correct disk and partition and that NTLDR is not corrupt. You can create/edit a boot.ini file with a text editor and you can copy a fresh copy of NTLDR from another Windows boot partition.

I hope I'm not too late for you,


Chris Booth.

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