[Nottingham] Dedicated hosting

Paul Mellors paul at paulmellors.net
Thu Jan 26 20:07:03 GMT 2006


I'm using the 1&1 package 'root server' at £49 a month.  To be honest
first impressions are not good as i have been waiting for over a week
for my server.  Apparently there is such a demand for this service that
the parts are out of stock.....Hopefully this is the only teething
problem i'm going to have.

I'll just have to wait and see, i'll keep you updated.


edam wrote:

>Hi there.
>It's a mailing-list lurker here...
>Just wondering if any of you would be able to advise on linux
>dedicated-server providers/packages? Do any of you use and would recommend
>(or even personally run) a hosting company that offers dedicated servers?
>What experience have you had when something's gone wrong? Are these
>"unmetered" packages really as good as they look?
>I've had a good look around the web and, for price, I just can't find
>anything better than 1&1 (www.1and1.co.uk). They seem to offer a good, fast
>machine on an unmetered (going through 100Mbps switch) connection. But
>their customer services are *rubbish*! It took them a week to answer a
>sales enquiry I made! Also, I'm quite keen on using local companies if
>Anyone got any good, hard experience to offer?

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