[Nottingham] Blogs

Raphael Gangneux nlug at domainarena.net
Fri Jul 7 12:13:04 BST 2006

>Ive been given a domain [simpleblogs.org], i'll think i will develop this a

>little, maybe make it like blogger.com or something like that.

Nice domain! I bet it's worth a little money if you were to resell it...

>Depending on how things pan out, and for my info only, would any NottsLUG 
>member be interesting in having a simple [probably wordpress] blog in the 
>near future?

Funny you should say that...i installed Wordpress on my domain a couple of
days ago. Nothing interesting on there yet, but if you have a
link-to-other-blogs section I wouldn't mind giving you my URL once I have
populated my blog a little more :-) (I'd also link to simpleblogs.org of

I also noticed the NLUG page links to other members blogs too. Who looks
after it?


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