[Nottingham] Ubuntu 6.06 LTS udev

Michael Erskine (at home!) perl at tecspy.com
Sat Jul 15 10:54:39 BST 2006

I managed to fix it - it was a bit of an extreme fix but a fix nonetheless!

Paul Sladen wrote:

> This affects machines with multiple IDE controllers, where the order of the
> controller on the PCI bus is differs from the 'natural' order.

I only have the one IDE controller - it turns out the problem was that 
initramfs-tools trashed all initramfs images so no kernels would boot 
any longer, even newly installed ones.

The repair involved removing all kernels (whilst chrooted to live cd), 
udev, initramfs-tools, initrd-tools, reinstallation (by installing 
ubuntu-minimal), then installing latest kernel.

I reported my repair to launchpad/forums

Michael Erskine.

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