[Nottingham] Re: midi problem

Chris Stapleton xsu25 at dial.pipex.com
Mon Jul 17 23:46:26 BST 2006

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There are two parts to this reply:
1) I read that Rosegarden only shows active midi input while recording is in 
progress unless you have the enhanced transport bar on....

2)I think this is almost certainly a driver/firmware problem:-
I have  a home studio, which is running on Windows XP, and I run Linux on my 
laptop for fun ;-). Now regarding your problem....without being sure of the 
technicalities of this, I suspect the plug-and-pray firmware in the T-Box 
chipset (which must be undeniably basic) is telling XP that it is a midi 
device, sending MIDI messages. If you look in the Cubase SX midi device 
manager, for example, any midi devices handled via USB inputs get the tag 
[emulated] after their name, to help differentiate true Midi 5 pin-din ports 
from virtual or indeed, emulated ones. Thus, I suspect Linux may not be able 
to recognise this hardware as a midi device over USB (i.e. T-Box firmware  
can't talk to linux). A bit of research (googling) revealed that often when 
attempting to get a USB MIDI device to work, firmware uploads were necessary 
and often a kernel module/driver installed.  USB-MIDI conversion seems to be 
built into ALSA however....so that's something. So...sorry this may not be 
good news in the long run - maybe someone else knows of a MIDI box that can 
plug into laptops which Linux can see natively?? I'll do some research.
Look here for some related info on a similar subject (the MIDISport is also a 
Midi/USB converter).

Hope some of that is of help (although it may be superceded by someone more 
clever than I!)
Chris Stapleton

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