[Nottingham] Social: Next Weds or Thurs - what do people want?

Andrew Beale m1eai at mac.com
Thu Jul 27 14:09:02 BST 2006

>Theres a poll on the right hand side, let me know if you want more choices 

Hi Paul,

Please add Zizzi's please.  Stef mentioned in her first email.


P.s Nice site BTW

"To win in battle or make a successful siege without
rewarding the meritorious is unlucky and earns the
name of stinginess.  Therefore it is said that an 
enlightened government considers this, and a good
military leadership rewards merit.  They do not 
mobilize when there is no advantage, do not act 
when there is nothing to gain, do not fight when
there is no danger."

Fire attack - Sun Tzu - The art of war

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