[Nottingham] That ole' Demo Scene

Paul Mellors paul at paulmellors.net
Thu Jul 27 14:31:57 BST 2006

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Subject: [Nottingham] That ole' Demo Scene

> >From a line on Paul's page:
> 'he was doing an “hour of power” talk about demos'
> Now who else remembers those old Demo scenes that showed off some very
> fancy effects and even more fancy programming all for phenomenal
> compression?
> Any interest in holding a demo-show-off-whatever session as part of a
> LAN party some Sunday soon-ish?
> Cheers,
> Martin
> (Shame .waffle lost his laptop. Hopefully he had a backup of his data?...)
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> ----------------

I'll bring my laptop i'm sure i can get some demos on it.....both windows 
based and linux.


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